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Name:Steve Jinks
Location:Univille, South Dakota, United States of America
Steve Jinks has led an interesting life. As a child, he was a troublemaker and due to this they were very close. Olivia would stand up for him when others would give him grief at school and when he fell to troublemaking himself, she was always there for him as older siblings should be. Unfortunately at the age of twenty, she was killed by a stray bullet. Due to the nature of the crime and it’s relation to alcohol, Steve decided that he wanted to join the ATF as a special agent. He threw himself into his training and although it took a try or two, he finally passed the exam and joined as a special agent. When he was younger, he was always able to tell when something was wrong with his family. He could always tell when they were lying to him or even when something was just troubling them. This was a talent that would come in handy for his duties with the ATF. He could even tell when a master in manipulation was lying to him. Early on, he was always a stand out agent. His physical ability matched with his investigation skill was second to none. However the one thing he kept under his hat was his homosexuality. His personal life was just that, personal. A lot of people at work would give him a hard time but it’s something he has come to deal with. He didn’t mind the isolation as it allowed him to do his job and he does it well. As of right now, he is pre-canon in reference to Warehouse 13. So he has no idea about artifacts or what they do. He’s still with the ATF and doing investigations. This also means that he hasn’t died yet in canon either.

PLEASE NOTE: Steve is amazing at reading people. While he can't know exactly what the lie is, he knows when someone is lying to him. However, as a player, I realize how much this may undermine the itnegrity and playability of some character so please, if you aren't sure whether or not to thread with this PC, please do not hesitate to contact the mun or leave a comment here

Steve Jinks is a character in Warehouse 13. This account is used for RP purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar. Please do not sue. :D
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